Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, 2023 - ★★★★½

Watched on Saturday November 4, 2023.

My new home screen setup

🎮 Final fantasy XIV


I decided to try the micro.publish plugin for Obsidian made by @otaviocc

so… this is test

🤦 ‍♀️ It's 2023 and I'm trying to fix Windows XP, I didn't see it coming.

🤖 From android

✅ Done :)

😀 So... I removed ribbon and changed the command to check if text is selected before it is allowed to execution. I also removed "whole document posting", It was duplicated - you can select all text if you want to post it all.

😄 One more test

😄 Test ...

😄 Test ...

🤣 I accidentally posted my note to status lol but deleted it immediately. I need to disable/remove the option to post the whole document.

🌃 Good night

😄 Published and now waiting for review

😀 Post without emoji on start

🚗 Commuting home

😀 Will not be sent to mastodon 🦣

👻 Boo...

💜 finally can post from my Android phone

🎮 Super Mario Bros Wonder