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  • @vincent I've read the books, but I haven't even started watching the Foundation series. (Or, I think I watched the 1st episode and all that)

  • @pawel @pawel I have an iPhone and other Apple devices, but no Mac. I like Apple overall and their software and 3rd party apps that are available on them. But my main device is android and windows because of applications I need for work (and that arent available on mac and iOS is not very good with communicating with windows), I know I can run windows as a virtual machine or use ssh instead of graphical interface but im still not convinced about switching.

  • @jlelse I tried loop in early access and I found it much slower than Notion (now it is a bit better), however I got message that if I want to use it in future I have to buy higher MS365 plan (standard and up). They still haven't specified when it will be out of public preview for personal account and whether you will have to pay for it or not.

  • @jle I used to use my phone a lot more, but it was broken when I bought myself an iPhone SE, that display was too small (for me) to do anything on it. Yes, after a year I was back on a big phone, which is more useful for what I need. However, I've stopped taking my phone everywhere (at least when I'm at home), I don't have my phone when I'm watching TV, eating or just having a coffee under my pergola. I have removed most of the social networking applications from it.

    I also have problems with my back, so I try to minimise the use of my phone, but yes, sometimes I find myself watching TV series and films and using my phone so much that I can't remember what was in the film.

  • @jle Wow, what do you guys do with your phones? My average time is around 3 hours (mostly) and I think I spend a lot of time on my phone...